Perfect Imperfection

Fashion Design Studio 3

This collection was designed and created for my major studio project for Year Two Semester One. The studio was majoring in Tailoring and Evening wear techniques called "Le Tallier Blooms Into Evening". We were only tasked with creating the one item and designing a collection of 10 pieces. 

The concept for this collection of tailored jackets for Studio 3 "Le Talliure Blooms into Evening" is centered around the idea that perfection does not exist and that in fact the recognition of the imperfect state is the ideal. This then in fact leads to freedom from unattainable goals and empowerment of differences. The use of distortion of the form and over sized and exaggerated shapes is used on the form to represent this in a continuations of further exaggerations representing the slow acknowledgement of the aforementioned realization.


Perfection. Who decides who the perfect woman is? The perfect shape? Perfection as a concept does not exist, it is obsolete. The epiphany of this leads to the freedom from unattainable goals and empowers woman to celebrate their differences. Inspired by the work titled “Fluidity” by Tom Habal (2015) this collection reflects the movement and structure of the human form in the merging ideas of abstract shapes. Perfect Imperfection reflects on the freedom from perfection in distorting of the form to create stunning eveningwear jackets. Exaggerated asymmetry is used to represent nature’s asymmetries within our own female bodies. Perfect Imperfection celebrates the flaws within our bodies to stand up to and rip down the confines of the misleading perception of perfection.

Perfect Imperfection uses feminine pastel colours, silky eveningwear fabrics, and feminine ruffles juxtaposed with odd, exaggerated and outlandish silhouettes to challenge standards whilst reflecting beauty. Perfect Imperfection stands to set women free with the end of the standard ideology of perfection.  


Inspirational Imagery 

Tom Habal 2015 - Photography