A Flawed Impression…

A Flawed Impression-small.png

Graduate Collection By Aimee Harrison

Advanced Studios 7 & 8

‘A flawed impression’ is an autoethnographic expression of self through the skin using an abstract impressionist lens to explore the flawed perspective of skin irregularities. The collection discusses the excusatory nature of representation of mostly thin women in fashion and attempts to dispel the notions of fat hatred and body shame for perceived imperfections. It’s a discussion of body positivity and radical self-love through carving a space that provides a narrative and visibility for all bodies. Creating visibility for ‘imperfections’ in an attempt to tear down notions of photo-shopped perfection provide in mass media. This collection is a feminist and fat activist political statement.

I have utilized impressionism to discuss the flawed nature of what we might consider flaws: stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tones and skin irregularities. By placing them in an evening wear context, on multiple different shaped bodies suggesting the impression of beauty in all women.

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Botanical Bodies

Not here to sell soap

The Size Issue

Capsule Runway